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OpenText OT2

The next-generation Information Management as a Service platform that now delivers Core Services to support application development and deployment

OpenText OT2 represents a shift in how enterprises assemble and operate Information Management (IM) business solutions. The OT2 platform enables customers to leverage information, foster collaboration, create innovative applications and drive digital transformation.

with the ot2 platform, organizations can extend their existing on-premises platform investments with new capabilities, and quickly extend solutions to the cloud where it can improve time to value, such as for customer, supplier and partner collaboration. saas applications that extend existing solutions prevent information sprawl and simplify technology investment decisions by providing compelling enterprise applications for business users.

Drive digital transformation with SaaS applications and services on OpenText OT2

What's new in OT2 20.2

the latest ot2 release includes new industry specific core applications as well as core services designed for developers to build applications and unify access to information management platforms so customers and partners can extend existing solutions with incredible time-to-value.

hg0088皇冠手机ot2 advancements in content services provide more streamlined capabilities for records management, collaboration, security and storage usage reporting. the platform continues to expand localization to encourage user adoption and accessibility by providing multi-national support.

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OpenText Core for Building Information Modelling (BIM)

a true bim collaboration platform that follows the tenets laid down in the bim standard iso19650, the solution offers a simple, easy to follow layout for rapid adoption across the entire project team, ensuring final deliverables are handled only by content authors and authorized recipients. driven by submission counts, rather than named user accounts, users only pay for the data submitted, allowing organizations to see the full extent of project participation and removing concerns regarding data delivery by unofficial, unsecure routes.

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Some of the newest Core Services include OpenText Core Capture Services and OpenText Signature Service

hg0088皇冠手机core capture services includes microservices designed specifically for straight-through processing via ocr, information extraction and document recognition engines. it provides both basic and advanced capture that can be used as part of cloud-based business process.

core signature service provides a set of unified cloud-based ot2 electronic and digital signature services for developers. it enables developers to easily build and integrate document preparation and secure, rapid electronic signing to existing solutions or other offerings. it will provide developer-centric apis for more purpose-built use-cases, including document routing, tagging and templating.

look for more core services launching in the coming months.

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